We want to earn your business.

CFG’s got the depth of inventory, experience, and logistical expertise to deliver a flexible experience every time.

Why should I rent from CFG?

We care about crew. Bottom line, we’ve got your back. And our stuff is nice. Just because we’re great with pricing doesn’t mean we’re going to send poorly maintained or incorrect equipment with you. We’re not a single truck operation. We have over 15 pieces of transportation equipment ready for action. We’re a full-service rental house with unlimited resources. We earn the respect we receive. See how we can help you.

How can we help you?

Sub Rent Your Gear

Do you have some cool new gear that you need to get working on your show? Rent it to us and we’ll put it on your show. Alternatively, leave your gear with us and we’ll pay you consignment fees should it go out on other shows. Everything we do is fully insured.

Pay As U Go Expendables

Tell production they can rest assured, we’ll send you with the expendables package you need and only bill production fair prices for anything that is used.

Gel By The Foot

Our standard correction gel and diffusion is sent with your expendables. We charge on a “linear foot” which is the roll width by 12″

Friendly Check Out

Whether you’re a regular customer or new in town, we’ll provide you plenty of space and a friendly face to help go through and check out your equipment on your prep day. Ask us to pre-load it if you’re in a rush!

What can I expect?

We encourage you to communicate with us should you need anything during the quoting process. In preparation for your load out, your order will be laid out on the floor at our shop and we’ll provide you with the tools necessary to prep and test everything. We’ll give you spare lamps. Once you cart it up, we’ll help you push on and give you free ratchets and D-rings.

We look forward to working with you and we value our relationships with all crew members.