Our fabrics department maintains all of our soft goods.

Skypanel S30-C

Light Reduction

Single Net | Double Net | Triple Net
White Net | Lavender
Desert Camonet | Jungle Camonet
Sharkstooth | Water Net

Skypanel S30-C


16oz Duvetyne | Black Water Solid
Black Velour | Black Velvet
Black Full Grid
Black Wind Solid
Day Blue Muslin | Night Blue Muslin
Day Gray Muslin

Skypanel S30-C


Full Grid | Half Grid | Quarter Grid
Charcoal Vintage Grid | Neutral Gray Grid
Full Silk | Half Silk | Quarter Silk
Full Soft Frost | Half Soft Frost | Hi-Lite
Magic Cloth
Bleached Muslin | Unbleached Muslin

Skypanel S30-C


Chroma Green | Chroma Blue
Digital Green | Digital Blue
Overhead Frame Socks

Skypanel S30-C

Bounce & Lamé

Ultrabounce | Griffolyn | Windbounce
Silver Lamé | Gold Lamé
Silver & White Checker | Silver & Gold Checker
Silver Windbounce

Skypanel S30-C

Fabric Grids

Fabric grids are typically 50 degree and tie onto frames.
Available in all standard sizes.