Portable Power

CFG strives for a one-stop experience. We’ll cover you on any size tow plant or honda, including moves and refueling services

Skypanel S30-C

Towable Movie-Quiet Generators

Delivery & Refuel Available

300A | 600A | 1400A

Includes: Single or 3 Phase Capability, Camlok Input, 75-150 Gallons of Diesel.

Skypanel S30-C

Logistics & Onsite Refuel

Available 24/7

Have us deliver, move, and refuel your tow generators. Fuel is market price + markup.

Skypanel S30-C

Honda EU2200 Portable Generator – New

Quieter than the previous EU2000

2200w Surge | 1800w Working Load

Includes: Fire Extinguisher, Gas Can, 1 Gallon of 91

Skypanel S30-C

Honda EU7000 Portable Generator – New

Quieter than the previous EU6500

7000w Surge | 5500w Working Load | 60A Bates Plug | 4 Wheel Cage

Includes: 25′ Bates, 60A Gang Box, Fire Extinguisher, Gas Can, 5 Gallons of 91

Skypanel S30-C

Block Battery 2F1

The power of 2 12v batteries in a single case – Can power 24-48v LED fixtures


Includes: 2 Batteries, 1 Charger, Gold Mount Plate

Skypanel S30-C

Gold Mount Battery

12v Gold Mount

Includes: 2 Batteries, 1 Charger