We set the quality standard

We’ll compete on price every time, so why settle for
cut-rate suppliers sending supstandard equipment?

Why should I rent from CFG?

All equipment is rented on 1-day weeks.

We love our equipment and we can empathize with your producing woes. We provide a smooth equipment rental experience rather than nickel and diming you around each and every corner. We’ll work with your schedule, your crew, your equipment needs, and we’ll provide you with the best and coolest stuff you can get. Most of all, we will work with your budget. Just because we stock the best and newest LED lighting and grip equipment alongside top quality transportation doesn’t mean you’ll pay an outrageous premium for it. It’s just standard.

Sweeten your experience with

Truck Pre-Loading | Package Pickup | Package Delivery | Crew Services | Generator Logistics & On-Site Fueling

New Customer Discount

New customers may get up to $100 off of their order of $100 or more. Some items like grip packages, generators, and new LED lighting are excluded.

Grip Packages

Renting a pre-selected grip package is typically more cost effective by about 50%, than renting all of the items individually. Choose a package that includes a truck and you have an even better deal. Shop Grip Packages now.

Weekly Billing

If your feature film, reality show, TV series, new media, or otherwise episodic show shoots on a weekly schedule, you may arrange for us to bill you on a weekly or episodic basis for your equipment. That way, you may return equipment you don’t need for the weeks you don’t need it.

Flat Rate Jobs

Rent everything you need from CFG–Grip Packages, Lighting, Generators, Production Supplies, and expendables–and we can do everything in our power to squeeze all of our great services into the exact number that you have budgeted. Contact us today to discuss your equipment needs.

Answered Questions

Can I see your pricing?

Absolutely. Email your list to Rent@CFGRentals.com now, and we’ll get you a quote immediately.

Our pricing is on point with everyone else in town. We do one day weeks and we can always fit your needs into your budget. Just because you see pricing online doesn’t mean it is the lowest. You have noting to lose by asking–

Do you offer delivery and pickup?
Yes. Please contact us for details.
Do you have truck parking?

Yes! Rent a truck from us and get 24-hour access to our yard. Subject to availability.

Am I required to have a CFG employee or crew member go with your vehicles?
Nope. We can recommend some awesome people if you need them, though.
Do you rent to students?
All the time. Please see our student page for details.
I have a quote that I'd like you to match
Please send it to Rent@CFGRentals.com or contact the person you’ve been working with.
Can you pre-load our truck?

We’ll go through the equipment, cart it, load it and strap it at no additional charge! Please let us know beforehand.

Can I rent without insurance?
Sometimes. Please contact us for more details if you are un-insured.
What is your address?
13290 Weidner Street, Pacoima, CA 91331
What are your hours?
We are open on weekdays from 8am until 5pm
Can you do weekly or episodic billing for TV/Series/Features?
I have malfunctioning equipment on set right now

Dial 323-977-8520 24/7 and we’ll sort it out for you.