Industry standard–American. No bent risers, everything from preemie to mambo.
Check out our specialty stands like the Max Menace arm and Long John Silver

Skypanel S30-C

American Baby Stands

Kit Stand
Preemie Baby
3-Rise Baby (steel or aluminum)
Caster Adapters

Skypanel S30-C

American Century Stands

20″ Base with 30″ Arm
40″ Base with 40″ Arm
60″ Base with 60″ Arm
40″ Breakdown Stand
C-Boom Adapter

Skypanel S30-C

American Combo Stands

Lowboy (Baby & Jr)
Electric Combo (Baby & Jr)
Grip Combo (Grip Head & Jr)
Mombo Combo (Grip Head & Jr)
Caster Adapters

Skypanel S30-C

American Rollers

Runway Stand
3-Rise Medium Roller
3-Rise Hi Roller
4-Rise HD Hi Roller

Skypanel S30-C

Crank Stands

Low Crank-o-Vator
American Boa
American Road Runner
American Black Bird
Beach Wheels

Skypanel S30-C

Mini-Max Menace

Perfect for Lightweight Fixtures

Mini Max can support a 20lb fixture 9ft high on a 9ft horizontal extension. Mini Max will operate on a 105″ maximum arc from 16ft high to 3ft below horizontal. Mini Max features 3 Rocky Mountain Legs for non-level terrain, stairs or curbs.

Skypanel S30-C

Max Menace

Will hold any fixture

Max will support a 75lb light fixture up to 17.5ft on the horizontal and over 20ft in elevation. Max’s horizontal plane can be adjusted from 7-10ft and at an extension of 8ft has a capacity of 175lbs. Max can be counterbalanced with either shot or sand bags and by using standard weight plates and uses a 3-1 ratio.


Skypanel S30-C

Long John Silver Stand


Includes: Cart, 2 Ropes